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Scholarship Program

Please apply for our scholarships below. Note that the qualifications for the General Scholarship & the B. Hanson Leadership Award are open to all International & Canadian Students enrolled at a Canadian Institution. The Benediktson Scholarship is open to Canadian Citizens & Permanent Residents of Canada enrolled at a Canadian or US institution.



The scholarships, up to $3,500 CAD each, are open to students studying at all institutions in Canada. All applicants must be SPE Members (free for students click here to learn more!). Note that the eligibility requirements have been updated: All scholarship applicants must be enrolled full-time in any diploma or degree program with an interest in the energy industry to be eligible. The scholarship is open to global citizens, applicants are NOT required to be Canadian citizens nor permanent residents to apply.  

B. Hanson Leadership Award

The top selected applicant will receive the Barry Hanson Leadership Award of $4,500 CAD. This award was created to honour the involvement of one of our founding members of SPECEF.  Mr. Hanson's involvement in the society spans 35 years, as of 2020 and his commitment to the society was one of passion and dedication.  This award will be given to an engineering student enrolled in a Canadian University who has shown outstanding commitment to providing revolutionary leadership in their community and/or school.

Benediktson Scholarship

The top selected applicant will receive the Stephen V. Benediktson Scholarship of $5,500 CAD. Mr. Benediktson is a lifetime SPE Member who wants to make a difference for the next generation of Canadian students in the Energy Industry. The criteria for this award is as follows: must be a Canadian citizen, in the energy industry. The criteria for this award is as follows: Canadian citizen, in their third year pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Engineering at a Canadian or US University. Preference will be given to students enrolled in petroleum engineering programs. Applying for this


2020 Scholarship Winners

2020 General Scholarship winner!

Ahmed Sherwali

2020 General Scholarship winner!

Angus Mathieson

2020 General Scholarship winner!

Bowan Ding

2020 General Scholarship winner!

Cody Ennszos

2020 Stephan V. Benediktson Scholarship winner!

James Ashworth

2020 General Scholarship winner!

Joycelyn Ho

2020 General Scholarship winner!

Matthew Leung

2020 General Scholarship winner!

Nimra Dar

2020 General Scholarship winner!

Pablo Silva

2020 General Scholarship winner!

Reza Zeinali Torbati - Memorial University of Newfoundland


2020 General Scholarship winner!

Ryan Capri - University of Calgary

2020 General Scholarship winner!

Shokufe Afzali

2020 General Scholarship winner!

Will Dixon - McGill University

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