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General Scholarship &
B. Hansonย Leadership Award

This year, the Society of Petroleum Engineers Canadian Educational Foundation will be awarding several scholarships to students across Canada pursuing a degree or diploma with the intentions to enter the Energy Industryโ€ฏupon graduation. These scholarships are open to students studying at all institutions in Canada. SPECEF will be awarding multiple scholarships to highly qualified students. 


All scholarship applicants must be enrolled full-time in any diploma or degree program with an interest in the energy industry to be eligible. The scholarship is open to global citizens; applicants are NOT required to be Canadian citizens nor permanent residents to apply. However, we unfortunately cannot award the scholarship to a citizen from a U.S. sanctioned country. Find out more here


This year’s deadline for applications isโ€ฏJanuary 15, 2024. Applications are now closed.


Submissions here will also be considered for the inaugural B. Hanson Leadership Award. 

The Barry Hanson Leadership Award was created to honour the involvement of one of the founding members of SPECEF. His involvement in the society spans 35 years, as of 2020 and his commitment to the society was one of passion and dedication. This award will be given to an engineering student enrolled in a Canadian University who has shown outstanding commitment to providing revolutionary leadership in their community and/or school. 



Scholarship recipients will be selected by a committee through a competitive process. Students submitting applications for scholarships must meet the following requirements: 

  • Be enrolled full-time in any diploma or degree program with interest in entering the Energy Industry (Note: Programs outside of engineering and graduate level programs DO qualify. However, we regret that 4th year undergraduate students are not eligible). 

  • Be an SPE member at the time of your application.โ€ฏIf you are not a member yet, you can easily join for free HERE, courtesy of Chevron.

  • Hold satisfactory academic standing (as determined by the SPECEF Scholarship Committee). 

  • Outstanding contributions through volunteer extra-curricular activities.


*Please note that the quality of your application will be taken into account by the SPECEF Scholarship Committee. Make sure you have all documents uploaded and that they are clear and readable.โ€ฏPlease refrain from submitting additional documents that do not support your application directly. 

Applications for 2024 are now closed.

B. Hanson Leadership Award

B. Hanson Leadership Award

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