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Join the SPECEF Board!

The SPE Canadian Educational Foundation (SPECEF) is a long-standing charitable organization that supports energy education in Canada. We encourage and promote individuals and programs that are built on technical and working knowledge of the industry through our three pillars: Scholarships, Careers in Energy, and Finance & Fundraising.

  • Scholarships: This pillar focuses on the scholarship marketing, award winner selection criteria, and review process, award ceremony planning, engaging with donors, and scholarship distribution.

  • Careers in Energy: This pillar is morphing from energy literacy to be about providing knowledge and awareness of energy industry careers to high schoolers and early post-secondary students to inspire and fill the energy talent funnel in Canada! We need your help with rebranding, marketing (#social), and outreach.

  • Finance & Fundraising: This pillar focuses on managing finances including the SPECEF endowment investment, cash account management, committee financial requisitions and spending, and is responsible for fundraising and annual third-party financial audits.

Are you interested in creating a more balanced energy conversation in Canada?

Board Position Openings:

We are actively seeking new directors to join our board in the Scholarships Team!

Being a board member requires:

  • 3-year commitment

  • Estimated 3-10 hours of participation per month

  • Monthly virtual committee meetings and monthly hybrid board meetings (in-person component hosted at SPE Office in Calgary, AB)

Minimum Board Member Requirements


  • SPE membership (not a member yet? Register here)

  • College or university education

  • Work experience in the energy sector, academia, or related fields

  • Volunteer experience is an asset

  • Canadian residency

To tap into a broader & more diverse talent pool, we’re looking for:

  1. Professionals with Communication & Marketing work experience, and/or

  2. Professionals with Human Resource work experience, and/or

  3. Professionals with a Finance work experience, and/or

  4. Professionals from Academia

If you are a candidate that fits this criterion, we welcome your application. Special consideration will be given to Indigenous candidates and those from other underrepresented groups. The application consists of a simple 3-question form and a resume submission. Please complete and submit the application form below to be considered.​

Selected candidates will be notified after the deadline closes, and interviews will be scheduled in May/June 2023.

Applications are OPEN!

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