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Join the SPECEF Board

As the SPE Canadian Educational Foundation (SPECEF), we have three pillars: scholarships for energy-focused students, energy literacy and finance and fundraising to support our work.

We're seeking to add five new members to our board:

  • Treasurer

  • Scholarships Lead

  • Scholarships Member

  • Energy Literacy Member

  • Past Scholarship Winner

Being a board member requires a 3-year term commitment, monthly board and committee meetings, and an estimated 3-10 hours of participation per month.

Applications are closed. 

Minimum board member requirements

  • SPE membership (this could include becoming an SPE member).

  • College or university education, or currently enrolled in university (student position).

  • Volunteer experience

  • Over 18 years of age

  • Canadian residency

To tap into a broader & more diverse talent pool, we’re looking for:

  1. Individuals who are or will become SPE members.

  2. More exposure to the subsector nuances of power, CCUS, pipeline, education, and finance.

  3. Some individuals based outside of Alberta.

Applications are closed.

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