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"It is a true honour to be a SPECEF scholarship recipient not only for the financial support, but also for the recognition that my leadership and volunteerism have made a meaningful impact on my fellow engineering students. Receiving a SPECEF scholarship motivated me to continue to expand my SPE involvement by joining different committees within the Calgary Section and writing articles for The Way Ahead." 

"I currently work as a Trading Analyst at Tenaksa, working both internationally and in Calgary. I am learning a lot about North America’s natural gas industry as well as renewable energies such as hydrogen and biofuels. I am a member of Toastmasters and enjoy attending various SPE events and conferences. I would like to thank the SPECEF board members for volunteering to administer this scholarship, as well as all the individuals and corporations who donate to SPECEF, as this award would not be possible without your generosity."

Amanda Calleberg - University of Calgary

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