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"As the 2023 recipient of the SPECEF Scholarship, I am deeply indebted to the SPECEF Scholarship Committee for their recognition and exceptional kindness. As a Ph.D. candidate at University of Calgary, I strive to be a hardworking and devoted energy engineer. I have always been an ambitious and motivated individual throughout my studies and work, and continuously look forward to improving my knowledge and experience. Throughout my studies and work, I have managed to excel academically and have many research contributions in terms of high-quality publications. Throughout my university career as a student, I have been involved in many activities, clubs, volunteering societies, and organizations. I have always been an active SPE member and volunteer, having participated in and organized various SPE activities and events. Currently, I hold the president position in the Chemical & Petroleum Engineering Grads' Association (CPEGA) at University of Calgary. My responsibilities include organizing and leading several technical and networking events for all graduate students and connecting them to companies and professionals in the energy industry. I believe that obtaining an SPECEF scholarship will support me in completing my postgraduate studies and achieving my career goals. As an international student, postgraduate tuition fees and living expenses are extremely high; furthermore, many restrictions apply to most financial aid and support for international students. This scholarship would not only be an honour for me but would ease the financial burdens of education which will allow me to be more focused and at ease with my research to successfully complete my degree, and most importantly contribute to the energy industry in the future. 

Ahmed Belhaj
University of Calgary

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