Melanie Popp


Melanie is the 2020-2021 Chair of the SPE Canadian Educational Foundation. Growing up she dreamed of becoming an actor or a model but instead of "lights, camera, action".. she realized her true calling was in energy. Going on to receive a bachelor’s degree in Geological Engineering and her master’s in petroleum engineering. Her leadership skills and strong work ethics come from her small-town upbringing on a farm in Saskatchewan.  Melanie tells us, “Being raised on a farm makes me no stranger to hard work.

Currently, Melanie is a Senior Engineering Advisor with geoLOGIC Systems. Some of her career achievements include the 2020 Hart Energy Innovators Award, Women in Leadership Community Champion, and many more.

When asking Melanie why she got involved with the SPE Canadian Education Foundation, her answer was simple. “I want to create a more balanced conversation around energy in Canada.  We can have oil and gas AND meet our ESG targets while providing sustainable and affordable energy solutions to Canadians. This is only possible with the best and brightest minds and SPECEF supports that.” When not playing super women in the Energy Industry, Melanie enjoys knitting, camping, and time on the ski hill with her son.