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Giancarlo Widyadharma is a dedicated 3rd-year student at the Schulich School of Engineering, University of Calgary, where he is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering with a Minor in Energy and Environment Engineering.  

Giancarlo extends his gratitude for McDaniel's generous support through the Corporate Sponsored Scholarship to support his journey as an aspiring future engineer.  

Receiving this award means Giancarlo can allocate more time and focus towards achieving academic success and engaging in extracurricular projects, as it relieves the financial necessity of balancing part-time employment with his studies. Moreover, being awarded the McDaniel Corporate Sponsored Scholarship by the SPECEF not only recognizes his hard work, dedication, and meaningful contributions but also provides Giancarlo with the encouragement and resources to push his limits and further his career aspirations in the energy sector. 

Giancarlo Widyadharma
University of Calgary
2024 McDaniel Corporate Sponsored Scholarship Recipient

Giancarlo Widyadharma Headshot.jpg
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