Gaetan Gobeil

Funding & Grants Committee

Gaetan is a team member on the 2021-2022 Funding and Grants Committee. Originally from Prince Albert, SK. he came out to Calgary as a young engineer professional seeking out the excitement of the Petroleum industry. With a background in chemical engineering, he is currently the Director of Operations as Catapult Water Midstream. To further his education mid-career, Gaetan did his MBA to add the knowledge of business management to his repertoire.

He was involved with some of the first imaging while drilling projects in Canada, and with the longest (>50km) high volume temporary water lines. Gaetan is a very proud Oil and Gas industry leader who has benefitted from an exciting and fast-moving industry. When speaking about why he got involved with SPECEF, he wants to continue to show young and old industry members alike that the dynamic energy industry will be around for many years to come. When Gaetan takes off his engineering hat you will most likely find him out coaching at the hockey rink or on a ski hill taking in our beautiful winters.