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Taylor Skingle

Finance & Fundraising Committee

Taylor is part of the 2023-2024 Finance and Fundraising Committee.


He was born and raised in Calgary and has 7 years of experience in the energy industry with Keyera. He began his career as an engineer supporting operations and assisting in the design and startup of new assets. He now works in business development where he focuses on the commercial management of assets and growing the business.


Taylor holds a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from Queen’s University. He enjoys many hobbies, including backcountry skiing, playing guitar, and hockey.


Taylor has a passion for the energy industry. He is fascinated by the crucial role that energy plays in society and the positive influence it has on quality of life. He aspires to help supply the world with affordable, reliable, accessible, and sustainable energy. Supporting the development of young professionals in the energy space is an essential step in the journey to securing long-term energy abundance and perpetuating Canada’s leadership in the industry. Taylor is excited to join SPECEF and contribute to these efforts.

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