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"I am deeply grateful and honoured to have been chosen as a recipient of the SPECEF scholarship. My name is Andrew Watson, and I am a second-year mining engineering student at the University of Toronto. Through my recent internship with Suncor Energy in the Athabasca oil sands of Northern Alberta, where I operated CAT 797’s  — the world’s largest mechanical drive haul truck — I gained invaluable, hands-on experience in oil sands mining operations. 

This scholarship will significantly benefit me academically by alleviating financial burdens and enabling me to dedicate more time and focus to my studies. Additionally, it will support my participation in industry events, providing invaluable opportunities for networking and mentorship. Lastly, receiving this scholarship serves as a tremendous source of encouragement, as it underscores the industry’s investment in the development of its future workforce. I am eager to contribute to Canada’s energy sector by innovating mining methods for the responsible extraction of our rich natural resources, ensuring the continued supply of Canadian energy to the global market."

Andrew Watson
University of Toronto
2024 General Scholarship Recipient

Andrew Watson Photo (1).jpg
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