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"I am recent graduate of the materials engineering program at McGill University.  At McGill, I have been an involved member of the materials engineering community while competing as a varsity athlete on the men's varsity swim team. My program places a strong emphasis on metallurgy and new advances in material design as well as three, four-month co-op placements that I have completed in various industries. Over the course of my co-op work terms, I gained exposure to many major industries in Canada including the iron and steel industry, the hydrometallurgical sector, the nuclear industry, and most recently, the oil and gas industry. I have a genuine passion for the technologies employed in the oil and gas industry, and believe that it remains one of Canada’s most promising industries for new grads. 

It is an honour to have been selected as one of this year's SPE Canadian Educational Foundation Scholarship recipients.

Winning this award is a testament to years of hard work paying off and the supportive network of petroleum engineer that continues to exists here in Canada.

This success is particularly meaningful to me as one of the reasons I pursued studies in materials engineering was to have a positive impact on peoples’ lives while learning about a subject area that fascinates me.

As the industry adapts to meet the challenges of tomorrow, awards like this continue to open doors to new opportunities that help shape our shared future."

Will Dixon - McGill University

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