Sarah Vandaiyar

Scholarship Lead

Sarah is the 2021-2022 Scholarship Committee Lead for the Canadian Educational Foundation. Born and raised in the Toronto area, Sarah found her way out to Alberta after graduating to work in the energy industry. As a little girl Sarah had aspirations to become a Ballerina. She took the precision, technicality, and creativity that come with dance and decided to focus those skill into the energy industry as a chemical engineer.

Currently she is an Engineer with the Canadian Energy Pipeline Association (seconded from TC Energy) In 2018, Sarah had the pleasure of leading the Young Pipeliners Association of Canada. That experience gave her the opportunity to work with incredibly talented and inspiring individuals in the pipeline industry from all over the world. SPECEF felt like the exact place Sarah needed to focus her energy on due to her passion in supporting young professionals in the energy industry. Sarah put it best, “As part of SPECEF, I hope to continue to provide opportunities for individuals to pursue a career in the energy industry, and to advance energy industry education in Canada.”

Outside of work and progressing energy industry education, Sarah keeps plenty busy with getting outdoors, scuba diving, and instructing yoga!