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Kalen Falez

University of Calgary
Stephan V. Benediktson

"As the 2022 recipient of the Stephan V. Benediktson Scholarship, I would like to thank Mr. Benediktson, along with the SPECEF Scholarship Committee for their support, recognition and remarkable generosity. As a hardworking, self-sufficient engineering student living in current times of uncertainty and perpetual challenges, receiving such a prestigious award from an admirable organization has motivated me to uphold a positive outlook and continue to strive for success. This award has lifted me out of a very stressful financial situation, and given me the ability to recreate a healthy lifestyle in which I am able to balance school and work. With this said, I am looking forward to returning to my extracurricular activities, spending more time with family and friends, as well as becoming more active within the SPE community. A few words for my fellow engineering colleagues; for those who wish to develop their career in the Energy Industry, I would highly recommend a membership with SPE. From educational resources and networking opportunities, to generous scholarships and awards, this organization has been exceptionally beneficial towards further expanding my knowledge of the Energy Industry and supporting my personal career development. I am ever so grateful for SPECEF’s gratitude and support for the future generation of engineers in the Energy Industry."

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