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Haoming Ma is currently pursuing a Ph.D. degree in the department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering at University of Calgary, co-advised by Dr. Zhangxing (John) Chen and Dr. Sean McCoy. He earned a B.Sc. in Energy Engineering with minors in Environmental Engineering and Energy Business & Finance, a M.Sc. in Energy Management and Policy, all from Penn State University. His research integrates reservoir modelling, application of artificial intelligence, and life-cycle analysis to address economic and environmental issues in the energy industry. To date, he has published four articles in scientific journals and presented his work on numerous academic conferences. The outcomes of his research can provide scientific support for technological and policy developments toward environmental sustainability and carbon neutrality. The SPECEF General Scholarship encourages Haoming to expand the purview of his research and lead the petroleum industry towards a sustainable future. 

Haoming Ma
University of Calgary

Haoming Ma photo.jpg
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