"I am honored to have the privilege of sharing a synopsis of my journey with you and to be able, in writing, to thank the SPECEF Scholarship committee.  

I’m in my final year of Energy Engineering at the University of Calgary; and am a Petroleum Engineering Tech graduate of S.A.I.T. Having to finance my own studies had me zealously pursuing work and field experience in the oil and gas sector and taking extended breaks between semesters, providing me with a very a strong work/academic balance and a more rounded and comprehensive 'hands on' understanding.  During this time my attitudes were also being transformed and maturing; I was learning to recognize and appreciate the efforts and guidance of those around me, I embraced an attitude of gratitude and made the realization that I wanted to start paying my life forward. I’ve become an active member of the SPE, various clubs at school and have attended countless lunch n’ learns and technical seminars over the past few years. I have also had, and continue to have, opportunities to guest teach at S.A.I.T.  Without the SPECEF scholarship, some of those volunteer endeavours simply could not have been possible, I would likely have had to spend every moment not in school trying to keep my finances afloat. 

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected us all.  My most recent internship was revoked and there are essentially no jobs available anywhere, so I started spending time with a small committee tasked to determine a ‘Go forward action plan’ for the Oil and Gas Engineering Degree Program at the U. of C.  In May, I was able to join the SPE’s Growth and Development Team, where we’re furthering energy literacy for students K-12, and the last couple of months, I worked with a start-up oil and gas company part-time which unfortunately succumbed to Covid financial woes and never launched, but was a great learning experience. 

Wherever the journey takes me next, I’m looking forward to it with great anticipation.  I will be graduating this Spring (2021) with sights set on future aspirations to play a prominent role as an industry leader, giving back to both industry and community while never losing sight of where I started from. As Michael Fassbender says: “Big things have small beginnings.”

Thank you SPECEF for your support, I am earnestly appreciative.

Ryan Capri - University of Calgary 

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