Muhammad is a PhD student majoring in Petroleum Engineering with an Energy and Environment Specialization. He brings with him 9 years of industry experience as a Reservoir Engineer with TOTAL and ADNOC Offshore (J.V Exxon Mobil) on world's largest offshore field in Abu Dhabi, UAE. He has worked in areas of reservoir simulation, field development, EOR studies and pilots in close collaboration from SPE Distinguished lecturer from Exxon Mobil and co-authored several conference publications. Currently, his PhD research is to evaluate the carbon intensity of CO2 EOR oil produced from depleted oil fields in North America. Muhammad is also the current Director for Technical Development for Petroleum and Energy Society (PES) representing the SPE at university of Calgary. He has designed and lead several technical and networking events to create a dialogue about the importance of climate change and role of carbon capture and storage to meet the net-zero ambitions. In doing this, Muhammad hope to connect students with individuals who are on the frontlines in the global climate science sphere and those who are driven to positively impact it. In his spare time, Muhammad loves travelling and spending time with family and friends.

Muhammad Yousuf Jabbar
University of Calgary 

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