I am proud to be the recipient of the 2021 Barry Hanson Leadership Scholarship. I would like to thank SPECEF for your valuable and generous support. This prestigious award is not only a financial support, but also a recognition of my volunteer and my leadership. Additionally, it has helped me build out my resume, and further my professional training, and certification goals, towards a future career development in the Energy Industry. Receiving this scholarship motivates me to expand my involvement to SPE activities as well as encourages me to advance my research on Enhanced Oil Recovery. Currently, I am a Ph.D student at Memorial University of Newfoundland. My research is focus on using the mixture of carbon dioxide with other gases to improve the ultimate oil recovery. This fact can help to reduce carbon dioxide emission and play a role in carbon capture and storage as well.

Quynh Chau Pham

Memorial University of Newfoundland
B. Hanson Leadership Award

Pham_Chau Quynh.jpeg