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"Coming from Indonesia, where energy scarcity is still a major issue in numerous rural communities, I am driven to learn more about the industry and help solve this ongoing global challenge. As a current Environmental Engineering student studying at the University of British Columbia, I am able to explore ways to mitigate this issue, by helping with the development of renewable energy through participating in extracurriculars and conducting multiple personal projects. Not only that, for one of my co-op work terms, I am fortunate enough to be working in Nunavut, helping to research renewable energy development in the Arctic region.  

I am a passionate individual that would love to enhance the energy industry development and give back to energy-scarce communities. With the aid of this scholarship, I could be supported financially in my studies, motivating me to take more courses related to the energy industry and conduct personal projects to enhance my skills in the renewable energy sector. Moreover, this scholarship can help me gain more exposure to the experts working in the industry, particularly from SPECEF and other energy companies."

Alexander Arian
University of British Columbia

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